Friday, August 23, 2013

LIFESTYLE - Top Ten Signs I Have Become an Offical Resident of San Francisco

I moved to the west coast from New York a few months ago and I have quickly settled in to the way of life in San Francisco. I keep on falling more in love with this city everyday. I am a Saint Lucian, so the city's relaxed friendly culture really jives with my way of living. Here are my top ten signs that I am becoming a resident of this great city. ;)

10. Almond milk has become the only type of milk allowed in my house. 

9. I get very embarrassed at the checkout line when I have forgotten my re-useable shopping bag, not that I do that very often.

 8. Hiking with a backpack on the weekends is really starting to look interesting.

7. I smile at cab drivers and random strangers on the street.

 6. Sometimes a week passes and I have not worn any form of heels !@#? 

5. The word sneaker has re-entered my vocabulary.

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  1. Love that! Gonna be in San Fran for the first time in a month..can´t wait! It´s always been a dream city of mine!