Wednesday, June 5, 2013

LIFESTYLE - Oh the Many Hats of Life

I have been thinking recently about the many hats that we all wear in life. I always feel that I have already lived many lives because of the constant change atop my head. Creative expression has no boundaries and I revel in being a writer one day, stylist the next, producer after and professional talker next week (seriously, sometime I just cant zip the lip! Hopefully it's a charming quality to those who love me). To truly experience the awesomeness that is life, should we not all investigate all parts of ourselves and just create whatever we want in whatever way we wish? Ce la vie non? Anyhoo, enough of my mind's ramblings and cheers to all the creative chameleons out there! Enjoy my new television reel shot and edited by my super talented big sis Davina Lee!

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