Tuesday, May 28, 2013

VANITIES - Let's Talk About Oils for Face, Hair and Body

My Mother Jacintha

I always remember the old ladies in the Castries market in Saint Lucia where I grew up, selling their homemade castor and coconut oils. While shopping for vegetables with my mother on a Saturday morning, I was drawn to these potions in glass jars and these ladies were only too happy to share their stories. They swore that these oils were the cure for everything, use for your hair, skin and insides they always said. As children do, I ignored that advice and enjoyed using my store bought hair products and skin creams. Now, many years later, I finally realize that these old ladies were way before their time and now oils are all the rage in commercial products. I ignore these products filled with additives, where the oil is listed as the 50th ingredient and always rely on the true and trusted pure coconut and castor oils. I always remember these old and wise women whenever I smell the warm sweet aroma of coconut oil. Here are my top ten uses for coconut and castor oil. Read More

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