Wednesday, July 13, 2011

VANITIES - Must Have Beauty Discovery: Australian Scent

On a hot balmy day, I went over to Williamsburg to hunt for vintage treasures at the Brooklyn Flea. After a couple of hours of searching in the blazing sun, with nothing to show for it, I spotted a stand filled with beauty products. I have a slight obsession with such things so I quickly approached the Australian Scent table. The first thing that hit me was the incredible smell of lemon grass; whatever this was, I was already sold. I picked up a sample of a moisturizer called Balm of Gilead and off I went. Three days later, after using it daily, my fiance commented on my skin. "Your face looks beautiful, well even more than usual. Your skin looks great!" he said. "I have zero makeup on." I answered proudly. Read More

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